Calibration tools for Delta 3D printers

I completed some basic documentation for my delta printer calibration scripts so that others can try them out.
Plot of fit to bed probe errors on a delta bot
You will need a machine with octave (or MATLAB) installed, and perl. These tools use the command line, and command line commands in octave (or MATLAB).

I have recently become aware of a project which does automatic calibration updates to many more parameters than I alter as part of the Marlin firmware. It looks very promising, but I have not tried it yet.

If you wish to try my more conservative calibration technique, I think it is a vast improvement over most of the procedures outlined in various HOWTO’s and Wikis. If you have the automatic bed-leveling probe running on your Marlin firmware (code G29), these scripts should allow you to perform a very good calibration on a typical deltabot in about 3-4 iterations, and taking far less than an hour of your time.
A minor calibration re-check should take no more than 10 minutes.

My technique is not computationally efficient, and must be done on a general purpose computer. It usually takes several minutes to estimate calibration parameter updates.

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